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Analyzing the air

we breathe

Chemical Molecular Fingerprinting

We are born into an atmosphere that desensitizes us to its inherent dangers. As we grow and lead our lives, we constantly interact with various types of gases. These gases are essential for life, yet some can be extremely harmful.

RingIR is revolutionizing gas sensing technology by enabling optical molecular fingerprinting. Our patented technology facilitates direct absorption measurements, which do not require consumables. Our systems stand out from our competitors due to our physics-based technology, which interacts with the molecules to provide definitive measurements. In contrast, our competitors offer indicative measurements that can potentially be misleading due to confounding factors.

That means safer air for everyone.


RingIR is a design and manufacturing company based in the USA. With our headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our team of locally-educated engineers design, construct, and test our patented spectrometers.


RingIR manufactures portable optical spectrometers that identify gases in situ and in real time, empowering you to make critical business decisions on the spot.

Our patented technology measures the optical infrared spectrum of each molecule, producing a ‘fingerprint’ that uniquely identifies the gas in its environment.

We are committed to providing our customers with the ‘3Rs’ — Real Data, Reliability, Real Time.


At RingIR, we firmly believe that having inaccurate data is even more detrimental than having no data at all.

Our journey is inspired by you—our customers and partners. We understand the global significance of our innovative approach and are aware that no other existing technology can match what we do. Our products will bring substantial changes to work practices, contributing to the creation of safer environments for all. The importance of clean air is on par with clean water, clean hospitals, clean cities, and clean food. Measuring air cleanliness however is more complicated and long overdue.

Our guiding principles incorporate a clear vision: to introduce a modern technology company into areas of the country in need of manufacturing growth, with a steadfast commitment to family values where the safety and health of our workers take precedence. We provide patient, flexible, and communicative support to our employees, acknowledging that our support system extends beyond the company walls. Modernization is a key strategy for us to remain engaged in our rapidly evolving social and economic environments.


Our primary value proposition is peace of mind, provided by furnishing reliable data for decision-making. We enable critical gas measurements more affordably, more quickly, more robustly, and most importantly — more accurately. These attributes collectively contribute to peace of mind for your workers and, ultimately, your company. Our instruments operate:

  • Without fatigue
  • Safely in hostile environments
  • With the capability to transmit data seamlessly to operators
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Analyzing the air

we breathe

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