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RingIR produces novel, portable spectrometers that quickly capture the spectra of chemical vapors in mid-infrared (MIR) wavelengths.

Our spectrometers have bandwidths that can reach 6000 nanometers in the infrared wavelength range and can generate spectra for a broad range of chemicals, including volatile chemicals, explosives, toxic gases and common biomarkers in human breath.

The ability to quickly and accurately detect these chemicals makes us uniquely capable to address a wide range of applications such as leak detection in the oil and gas industry, drug detection or disease testing in medicine.

Our spectrometers are particularly suited for these types of measurements because we operate at optical wavelengths that are relatively free from the interference of common atmospheric gases, such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.


Narrow-band tracking of a pertinent molecule such as methane gas (typical application, leak detection)


Narrow-band tracking of 2 pertinent molecules such as methane and ethane gases, or silicate and coal dust (typical application, leak detection, dust monitoring, CEA)


Wide-band (up to 2000nm) monitoring and identification of unknown mixtures such as acetone and methanol (typical application, breath testing, CEA)


Wideband (up to 4000nm) monitoring and identification of unknown mixtures (typical application hazardous gas monitoring, CEA)


Wide-band (up to 4500nm) monitoring and identification of unknown mixtures (typical hazardous gas monitoring, CEA)

If you’re interested in RingIR’s product line of spectrometers, please contact us!

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